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About Us & The Story of Black Thorn

We started commercial cultivation of Durian from 1988. Our orchard land area is about 100 acres and is located at Lot 2571, Mukim Bagan Samak, 34950 Bandar Baharu, Kedah. The orchard is off-road, 2KM uphill from the Bandar Baharu tol plaza and is about 300 meters above sea level.

Originally the property was a rubber plantation. After land clearing, planting started in 1989 with the well-known commercial clones ( at the time ) such as RED PRAWN, HORLOH, TEIKKAH, ANG BAK KIA, SUPER 10, D24, D88, D101, D2, MU SANG KING, HENG SPECIAL, SUSU, D14, D15, KUN POH and etc…

Fruiting started about 8 years after planting and we only realized our nightmare had just begun. Our RED PRAWN was dropping unripe fruit for the first 3 years, D24 was consistently unripe. MU SANG KING, D101 and SUPER 10 would just crack open within hours after the dropping. D2 and TEKKAH would bear fruit once every 3 to 4 years. The quality of D14 was good but the yield was extremely low. Our HENG SPECIAL which had won the KAMPONG DURIAN competition in 1993 was not that special after all. The price of fresh durian was very low during the peak season and catered only for local market. With the above problems associated with our company, the return of investment was not up to our expectation. We were losing money and considered this venture had failed.

We were in a dilemma at the time and thought durian farming had no future. However, we started to diversify into other crops such as mandarin orange and oil palm while maintaining a few good clones such as RED PRAWN, HORLOH and MU SANG KING.

After the first 15 years of failed experience, in order to sustain the durian farming business, we were force to look for a new commercial viable clone to plant. This clone must possess the entire good characteristic such as good quality with strong aroma and taste, consistently high yield, longer shelve life, resistance to diseases and etc.…


At that time BLACK THORN was only well known at my small home town, Sungai Bakap. This original BLACK THORN tree was owned by a small-holder farmer who lived in Sungai Bakap for many years. Because of the stock was limited, all his BLACK THORN fruits had been booked even before it ripened. It took me 2 years just to book 1 fruit and that was the most unforgettable experience of tasting the BLACK THORN durian for the first time. It was so amazing and unique with its burnish-gold hue, a bitter sweet taste and strong aroma. The texture was fine without any trace of fibre and virtually melted in the mouth and made your tongue “numb”. The flesh was so concentrated and rich that you have to savour it slowly and then swallow it. The fragrance would linger in your mouth for a while after eating. I fell in love with the fruit at the first bite and told myself that this is the durian I had been looking for all this while. TASTING IS BELIEVING!

Immediately, I started to plant by cutting down 50 old trees and grafted with BLACK THORN by using the OLD TREE GRAFTING method. Finally, we had our very own first BLACK THORN fruit less than 2 years after grafting. We completed the transformation of low grade multi clones orchard to high grade single clone orchard in 10 years over several phases.

To date, 99% of our durian planted is BLACK THORN and the remaining 1% is MU SANG KING.

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