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BLACK THORN also known as “ORCHI” , is a very new clone originated from Sungai Bakap, Province Wellesley ( South ) Penang. Currently it is the most the well-known clone in Northern parts of Malaysia especially in Penang. Black Thorn has won a few awards for the past 3 years even overtakes the well-known HOLOH and RED PRAWN ( ANGHEI ) in Penang. In the year 2011, Serene Orchard Sdn Bhd won the National Champion in the durian competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture ( MOA ) even overtakes the well-known Musan King from Pahang.

It has a rounded shape and flat bottom ( about the size of 50 cents coin ) and a single tiny black thorn attached to it, that is how the name of “Black Thorn“ derived. When split open, a yellow strip of pattern is seen in the inner core like the durian “chook chiok”. The pulp is golden red in colour, the aroma is extremely strong, very creamy and concentrated bittersweet taste, very less fibre and literally melt in your month. Due to the above features, Black Thorn has to be eaten very slowly and need a lot of the saliva in order to have a good digestion.

The skin is a bit thick and the shelve life is longer and it won’t crack open even after 2 days. It is very suitable for long distance transport or export fresh to nearby country. Even after a few days when the fruit cracked open, the pulp is still dry and not watery like most of the other clones.